Flash Plus

Discover a smarter way to reward staff & customers


Effortlessly offer a wide range of vouchers from top brands

Our technology-driven platform delivers vouchers via SMS, making it super easy for your team or customers to redeem rewards.

Take your rewards program to the next level

Simplify the process of rewarding your employees and customers, by utilising a user-friendly platform that guarantees efficiency and ease of management. With our platform, you have the flexibility to create customised reward tokens that provide end users with a range of reward options that fit your allocated budget.​

Flexible Options

Enjoy the freedom of choice with our platform's fully customisable categories and product selection.​

Mobile friendly

Our mobile-friendly platform is conveniently delivered via SMS or email for easy accessibility on-the-go.
Voucher store example

Custom vouchers

Transform your products and services into digital vouchers.

Rewards interface

Easily create, send, and manage digital rewards with just a few clicks using our user-friendly web interface. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to hassle-free reward management!​

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