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A connected economy where no one is limited

Flash Group is a South African fintech company that strives to make people’s lives easier using technology

Driven by a vision for a more inclusive and connected economy, we expand opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and cash-based customers by providing new payment solutions and services. We work to meet the changing needs of our customers, and ultimately drive product and service access to everyone, everywhere.
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Why the cow?

In many African cultures, cattle are symbols of wealth, status and prosperity. As a proudly South African company, Flash strives to enable mutual prosperity, shared growth and inter-connectedness.
Flash Group

SA’s largest pay-in network

Over the past 20 years Flash has been immersed in the South African informal retail market, serving more than 25 million cash-based customers. In order to connect more customers and businesses, Flash has expanded its reach and impact through partnerships with local and international retail business and larger corporates.
Tailored business solutions
Access to digital transactions
Better products & services
Smart, simple tech solutions

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Partnering with South Africa’s leading businesses

Flash collaborates with top brands and businesses to offer quality products and services.

Our global footprint

Flash partners with businesses in South Africa, Africa, Europe and the UK to expand its reach and impact.

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