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Eezi Power

What is Eezi Power, and how does it work?

Eezi Power is a unique token that is sold to consumers and can be redeemed on their cell phone. The benefit of Eezi Power is that it can be sold to consumers when the municipality is offline, to be redeemed once the systems are back online.

How to sell Eezi Power?

Solar Device

  1. Select Flash on your device
  2. Select Electricity/Water
  3. Select eeziPower
  4. Select Amount
  5. Print Slip

POS Device

  1. Select Electricity/Water icon
  2. Select Eezi Power icon
  3. Enter amount
  4. Select Sell
  5. Select sell on the confirmation screen to transact
  6. Print Slip

How do customers redeem Eezi Power?

  1. Send Hi or Hello on WhatsApp to 078 035 3732
  2. Enter meter number
  3. Enter Eezi Power pin number
  4. Receive electricity token


  1. Dial *130*269# from your mobile phone
  2. Select Eezi Power
  3. Select NEW, but if it’s an already redeemed meter number just select and enter Eezi Power token numbers  
  4. Enter your meter number
  5. Enter Eezi Power pin number
  6. Click dismiss, or an SMS will be sent to a customer number

How do I get tokens if a customer loses a slip?

Solar Device

  1. Select Flash on your device
  2. Select balances/ reprints
  3. Select reprint slips
  4. Select meter number
  5. Enter meter number
  6. Print slip

Does Flash offer a RICA solution for businesses?

Flash does offer a RICA APK to assist with quick and efficient RICA as well as a system to manage sub-distribution and performance of your downstream.

How does Flash's SIM distribution work?

We have a distribution center in Gauteng and will deliver to your main distribution point.

Does Flash offer marketing support or quarterly incentives?

Incentives are dependent on the networks and are usually to improve efficiencies.

What is your quantity and cost of SIM?

This is dependent on distribution footprint and your performance and will be reviewed after 6 months. 

What is the Flash SIM deal?

Each deal is unique to the partner, kindly reach out so we can consult on what deal we can offer you.

How does Pay with Flash (supplier payments) work?

  1. Select pay supplier on main menu
  2. Select your supplier from the list of suppliers
  3. Enter the payment details (supplier reference, amount and customer reference or invoice no.)
  4. Enter the driver’s phone number for the SMS proof of payment
  5. Select pay to complete payment
  6. Print till slip as proof of payment

Don’t just transact, transform your supplier payments using Pay with Flash

Pay with Flash is more than a cashless payment solution—it's a revolution for merchants. It's about providing a safer, faster, and more efficient way to conduct business in the informal sector. So, forget cash, rather use Pay with Flash, and experience a safe and seamless transaction process like never before.

Why choose Flash Advance?

Flash understands the importance of keeping your trading activities running. That's why we encourage you to keep trading, even when you run out of Flash balance.

With Flash Advance, you don’t have to leave your shop to continue trading. It provides that extra Flash balance when you need it most.

With Flash Advance, you can truly top up your business and keep your trading activities running smoothly.

Where can I buy a Flash machine?

You can buy the Flash TouchGo2 at selected PEP, PEP cell, and Flash Kiosks, and online on Takealot, Nedbank Avo.

Find out more. Click here

How to top up my Flash balance via my bank?

Top up your Flash balance with an ATM or EFT deposit today!

Remember to use your Flash number as a reference when doing a bank deposit so Flash can allocate you your balance.


  1. To deposit your money at Nedbank select "Cardless Cash Deposit" and enter the Flash Nedbank account number: 1195253826
  2. Enter your personal cellphone number
  3. Enter your Flash number as a reference


  1. To deposit your money at FNB select "Pay FNB Recipient" and enter "FLA" for Flash and select "Flash Mobile Vending"
  2. Enter your Flash number as reference


  1. Under "Please choose a beneficiary" select "Flash Mobile Cash"
  2. Under the "Enter your Flash Mobile Cash account number" enter your Flash number

How do I load a Flash voucher on my Flash machine?

Buy a Flash voucher and load it your machine!

On Touch Go:

  • Select menu
  • Select top up
  • Enter the voucher number
  • Select redeem

On Flash Go:

  • On the Home screen type the string and reference number *130*3261*PIN#
  • Press OK

Top up at any of these locations:

Shoprite, Checkers, Flash Kiosk, Ackermans, USave, Dunns, PEP, Flash Shop/merchant

How do I check my Flash balance ?

Keep track of your balance in a few easy steps!

  • Select the menu option
  • Select My balances
  • Your balance will be displayed on the screen

If you have run out of Flash balance remember you can top up at any of these locations:

Shoprite, Checkers, Flash Kiosk, Ackermans, USave, Dunns, PEP, Flash Shop/merchant

How do I unblock my app account?

When you enter your Flash app password incorrectly 3 times, the app blocks you automatically.

You will need to call the Flash Call Centre to unblock your Flash app.

Call Centre Numbers:

Free on MTN: 083 903 5274

Free on Cell C: 084 193 5274

Or send us a message on WhatsApp: +27 78 344 4603

Call Centre hours:

Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 20h00

Saturday: 09h00 – 18h00

Sunday: 09h00 – 17h00

Public Holidays: 09h00 – 17h00

Forgot your password? Reset your password

Reset your password by following these easy steps!

  • Select forgot password on the login screen of the Flash device app
  • Enter all the details needed (Username, cell phone number, secret word, new password)
  • Select the reset button.

How do I download the Flash business app?

Get selling whenever or wherever you are!

  • Download the app from the Google Play store
  • Register your number after installing the app
  • Top up your Flash app balance by buying a Flash voucher at one of our many retail partners
  • Once you have topped up, you can begin trading!  

What are Flash's contact details and operating hours?

Connect with our exceptional call center for unrivaled assistance! Our dedicated team of experts is waiting to help you with any query you may have.    

Contact our call center on:

Free on MTN: 083 903 5274    

Free on Cell C: 084 193 5274    

Or send us a message on WhatsApp: 078 344 4603    

Call Centre hours:    

Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 20h00    

Saturday: 09h00 – 18h00    

Sunday: 09h00 – 17h00    

Public Holidays: 09h00 – 17h00

What are the advantages of partnering with Flash?

Flash strives to make people’s lives easier. Our footprint allows for the most accessible means for your customers to transact digitally to service the cash by choice consumer while our extensive list of aggregated VAS products creates new diversified revenue channels to our partners. We are committed to growing these partnerships and opening doors to an additional customer base through the most financially inclusive payment mechanisms available in South Africa.

Can I use Flash’s payment solution to gain access to Flash’s network?

Yes. Flash has an informal network of over 200 000 merchants, a formal retail network of roughly 35 000 and an extensive list of digital channels that will be made available to our partners in providing “cash in” and “cash out” solutions.

How are Flash’s VAS products made available to me?

Flash can provide an extensive list of aggregated services either via a single API integration with the ability to customise the products and services offered or deliver these products through a wholesale/bulk ordering mechanism.

Why should I include VAS as an offering on my platform?

Offering VAS is a way to extensively service your customers’ requirements while benefiting through additional revenue channels from your existing and new customer base.

What is VAS

VAS stands for value added services and provides a more extensive product offering to your customers and partners.

Free Fire

What are entertainment/gaming vouchers?

  • Instead of using a credit card to pay, vouchers allow customers to top up their wallets, subscribe or use in-game currency for their favourite streaming or gaming platforms.

What is Free Fire?

  • Garena Free Fire, also known as Free Fire, is a battle royale game, developed by Garena and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019.

What is a Free Fire Diamonds voucher?

  • Free Fire Diamonds allow you to purchase various skins for your weapons or companions as well as other items in-game. And you can participate in Luck Royale and Diamond Spin to obtain unique character and weapon skins or, weapon upgrades and other cosmetics.

How do you get Free Fire account?

  1. Download Free Fire on Play Store or AppStore.
  • Garena Free Fire' should be at the top of the search list, available for download.
  1. Open Free Fire
  • There are three ways to log in to Free Fire. Namely, via Facebook, as a guest, or select the dropdown for alternate options. If you choose to log in via additional options, these would be Google or VK.
  • Choose an account to bind it with Free Fire. You will be directed to log in/sign up to the account for verification.
  1. Once you’ve logged in, create your unique user tag that’s publicly displayed to other players.

How do you redeem a Free Fire voucher?

  1. Log into your account at:
  2. Go to the "Free Fire Mobile Game Credit Top Up" page and enter your Free Fire Player ID.
  3. Access the "Redeem code" page and enter your redemption code in the appropriate space.
  4. You can then redeem the value of this code as Free Fire Diamonds.

What are the different voucher denominations available?

  • Voucher Value: 100 Diamonds and Voucher Price: R 22.50
  • Voucher Value: 210 Diamonds and Voucher Price: R 45.00
  • Voucher Value: 530 Diamonds and Voucher Price: R 112.00
  • Voucher Value: 1080 Diamonds and Voucher Price: R 225.00

How do merchants sell Free Fire Diamonds vouchers on their devices?


  1. Select ‘Vouchers/1Voucher.
  2. Select ‘Sell Gaming Vouchers
  3. Choose the gaming brand of     choice (e.g. FREE FIRE) to sell.
  4. Choose the product type (e.g., Diamonds Voucher).
  5. Choose product denomination and sell.


  1. Select ‘Entertainment
  2. Choose the gaming product of choice (e.g. FREE FIRE)
  3. Choose product denomination and sell.

What to do if a customer is having issues with redeeming their product code e.g. Product not activated/code already redeemed/invalid code.

Call Center agents and Flash merchants/traders should direct customers to the Free Fire website to query directly:

Flash is NOT able to check voucher status across any Free Fire products.

What to do if customers lose their slip with the redemption code on it?

  • A Flash merchant/trader can reprint the slip in alignment with Flash reprint policies.

What to do if a customer has bought an incorrect product or denomination

  • Flash is not able to cancel, reverse of refund a voucher.
  • The customer will need to purchase another product if they are not happy with the original one, they previously purchased.

Can Flash Call Centre and merchants contact the partners/brands directly?

  • No, Flash Call Centre agents ormerchants/traders are not able to contact Free Fire directly, on behalf oftheir customers, for account or voucher queries.
  • Direct the customer to FreeFire support to lodge their query:
  • For transaction failures or issues, Flash Call Centre agents will escalate to the supplier/aggregator (and not the brand).

What if customers have questions about their account?

Flash is not able to help with any account queries. Customers will need to head to the Free Fire website to query directly:

Can a Flash merchant/trader cancel, refund or void a voucher?

  • No, a Flash merchant/trader is not able to cancel, reverse of refund a voucher.

Can I reprint a voucher receipt?

  • Yes, Flash merchants can reprint vouchers in alignment with Flash reprint policies.

What is a Flash shop?

At a Flash Shop you can safely, and easily buy and top up your favourite digital products right in your community, saving you time and money.

At a Flash Shop you can:

  • Buy electricity
  • Buy airtime & data
  • Buy & RICA SIM starter packs
  • Buy Lotto tickets
  • Pay your bills
  • Buy Gift Vouchers
  • Top-up accounts and pay for services online

What can I buy at a Flash Shop?

  • Electricity
  • eeziPower (electricity you can buy when the municipality is offline)
  • Airtime for all major networks
  • eeziAirtime (airtime that can be loaded on to any mobile network)
  • Data for all major networks
  • DStv account payments
  • Ria Sikhona Money Transfers
  • 1Voucher
  • Pay@ bill payments
  • Pay City bill payments
  • A+ account payments
  • National Lottery
  • Netflix, Spotify, Uber, Uber Eats, and Roblox Vouchers

Free basic Electricity (FBE)

How to issue FBE to customers?

Solar Device

  1. Select Flash on your device
  2. Select Electricity/Water
  3. Select Claim Free Basic Electricity
  4. Enter Meter Number
  5. Print Slip

POS device

  1. Select Electricity/Water Icon
  2. Select Free Basic Electricity Icon
  3. Enter Meter Number
  4. Select Sell
  5. Select sell on the confirmation screen to transact
  6. Print Slip

Can customers get FBE without buying electricity?

FBE can be collected from any merchant, without first having to purchase electricity.

How do customers redeem FBE using the string?

  1. Dial *130*269# from your mobile phone
  2. Select FBE
  3. Select NEW
  4. Enter your meter number
  5. Confirm meter number
  6. Click Dismiss, an SMS will be sent to you with the token number.

Who qualifies to get FBE?

Households that qualify to get FBE, are identified by local municipalities. Please contact your service provider to find out if you qualify.

What is a 1Voucher?

  • 1Voucher is a payment product that cash-first customers love. 1Vouchers allow cash customers to digitise their cash in the form of a 16-digit PIN.  
  • 1Voucher allows customers to pay and top up online safely and easily with any of our partners, without the use of a bank card. Flash works with a wide range of online and physical retailers to create a network of goods and services that can be paid for via a 16-digit PIN.
  • When you integrate with 1Voucher, we give you access to our business portal and leverage our huge informal market network to get the word out that you’re a 1Voucher partner. Welcome to a more inclusive online economy!

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