Access new markets with 1Voucher

Digital vouchers create access to an entirely new customer base. They introduce a way for previously excluded customers to transact with your business’ goods and services.

1Voucher is an embodiment of modern ways to pay. Cardless, bankless and effortless, 1Voucher is a prepaid digital voucher that allows customers to shop online and in-store with a unique and secure16-digit PIN.

Our incredible network of partners such as Discovery Prepaid, My Runway, National lottery, PayGas  and various other value-added service (VAS) providers, allow cash customers to get products and services online, safely and easily.

Its ease of use is further implemented by how simple it is for customers to access vouchers. Along with a vast network of partners that already accept 1Voucher, there’s also a growing list of retail partners that allow customers to buy it in-store or online. As digital consumer trends begin to branch out even further, many customers are adopting more modern, convenient ways to transact.

With the rise in digital technology such as consumer-focused apps, the adoption of newer ways to transact have also begun to rise. According to a study conducted by Statista, 22 million South Africans currently have access to a smartphone.

Many of those 22 million smartphone users are also online shoppers who utilise their device to transact online or to pay in-store. That’s millions of potential customers your business could reach using a digital payment option such as 1Voucher. There’s much to be said for future proofing your business.