Celbux Cash-outs

Understanding Celbux cash outs: A guide for merchants

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Celbux to offer cash out services at Flash Stores. This means that our current partners - EasyBet, Fafabet, and Betfred - allow cash outs that can now be facilitated with Celbux. Watch this space as we add more partners that will make your life easier.

By offering Celbux, we’re giving you an additional income stream.

What are Celbux cash outs?

The cash out service will function as a voucher generated with a USSD string. This cash out pin voucher will be generated from the betting partner’s website or via their app.

This behind-the-scenes process might sound complicated, but in order to offer your customers a Celbux cash out, all you need to do is simply select Celbux Cash on you Flash app or device.

How does it work?

The process is straightforward. Let's take an example. Priscilla has R50 in her Bet4Lyf account. She wants to move this money to her Celbux wallet. She would go to the "Withdrawal" page and withdraw the R50 as "Celbux Cash @Flash". Although this might seem like a two-step process (withdraw to Celbux Wallet - convert to cash), we have simplified it into a seamless one-step process.

Once the withdrawal process is initiated, Celbux pings our API for the pin and sends it via SMS to the customer. This pin is then taken to the merchant to withdraw the cash.