Independent distribution

Today a Distributor, Tomorrow the CEO of your own Franchise

You’ve taken the first step with opening your own business or deciding you want to become your own boss. Now it’s time to step it up by becoming a Flash Distributor. Ready? 

As a Flash Distributor, you’ll help people living in all parts of South Africa to get connected and stay connected, by selling them Flash SIM cards. SIM cards, which are used in every single mobile device, allow customers to make and receive calls and messages, connect to the internet, and access email and online services.

By becoming a Flash Distributor, you will sell Flash SIM cards, earning you a percentage of the sale as commission. The more cards you sell, the more income you generate every month. This is a great low-risk business to be involved in.

It’s not hard to see why becoming part of the Flash family is so appealing. You’ll be selling a known and well-loved product from a reputable company, receiving training and support, Flash SIM cards, and marketing material to help bring in new customers to your store or business.

Are you ready to start your journey with Flash? Register here and someone from our team will get back to you.