Electricity and water

Sell electricity and water

Selling water and electricity is a great way to increase foot traffic into your store, and an additional way that you can serve your community.

By turning your Flash shop into a recharge station, not only do you get more use out of your Flash machine, you also open a new revenue stream for your business. According to the STS Association (a system for carrying information between point-of-sale devices and customers’ utility meters), there are more than 10 million registered electricity and water meters in South Africa.

Of these 10 million units, 7 million are managed directly by SAs energy provider, Eskom. Flash gives you the ability to sell much needed electricity and water to these 10 million meters.

At Flash we understand just how important the local spaza shop can be for communities. We’ve also made it possible for homes that qualify, to claim their Free Basic Electricity (FBE). Simply ask your Flash merchant to access the service but note that it’s only for distribution within select municipalities, allowing vendors to cater to those who might need the service.

In addition to FBE, Flash merchants can also offer their customers the option to buy Eezi power, which allows customers to buy electricity even when Eskom is down. While these services are much needed throughout the country, only Flash merchants within certain municipalities can make use of these services.

Selling water and electricity vouchers on a Flash machine is easy, regardless of the Flash device you use.


  1. Select Flash on the machine
  2. Select electricity/water menu
  3. Select electricity
  4. Enter meter number
  5. Select amount or enter any amount
  6. Select print slip to process transaction


  1. Select electricity & water icon
  2. Select electricity icon
  3. Enter meter number
  4. Enter amount
  5. Select Sell
  6. Select OK on the confirmation screen to process the transaction

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