Manage your accounts and subscriptions

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Woman paying her DSTV account at a Flash Spaza store without a bank account
Flash pay

Manage your accounts and subscriptions without using a bank account

It’s important to manage your accounts and subscriptions to keep a positive credit profile with the store or service provider. Your credit profile is what determines if you qualify for credit (loans, credit cards, overdrafts), retail accounts, if you can sign for a lease on a home, and much more. To maintain a positive credit profile, make sure that you pay your monthly instalments in full on or before they are due.

To make it easier to pay your daily, weekly or monthly account instalments, Flash has partnered with service providers and retailers to accept account payments at all Flash traders across South Africa

Accounts that can be paid through Flash include:
  • DStv
  • StarSat
  • JD Group
  • A+/Tenacity
  • Betway
  • YesPlay
  • Talk360
  • UniPay

How to pay your account at a Flash trader:
  1. Find your nearestFlash trader
  2. Visit them with theaccount number linked to the bill (you can pay your own bill or afriend’s/family member’s account on their behalf)
  3. Tell the Flashtrader which account you would like to pay and provide the account number
  4. Confirm the accountinformation and make payment using cash or your bank debit/credit card
  5. Receive your receiptand your payment is complete. We’ll take care of the rest, paying the accountreceiver directly.

Topping up your account for gaming is just as easy.
  1. Find your nearest Flash trader
  2. Visit them with the cellphone number linked to the account
  3. Confirm the cellphone number and make payment using cash or your bank debit/credit card
  4. Receive your receipt and your account will be topped up immediately so you can get back to playing instantly

Get started today and get on the road to easy and account management.