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Sell 1Voucher as a Flash merchant

More products, more customers, more often – the power of 1Voucher for Flash merchants

Simplify life for your customers by selling a single cash-based voucher that can be used in-store and online to shop and pay at multiple well-known retail partners and to top up multiple online accounts.

Introducing 1Voucher. A prepaid payment voucher that converts cash into a digital currency in the form of a 16-digit PIN number. Customers can then use their 1Voucher PIN to pay safely and easily for multiple products and services at almost 100 partner brands. 1Voucher is not linked to a single platform or partner, meaning customers have the power to choose where the voucher is used.

Customers can buy a 1Voucher at all Flash Merchants across South Africa as well as at some other retail partners. There is no minimum purchase amount for your customers either, so they can buy vouchers as and when they want to.

Using a 1Voucher. Besides paying for goods online and in-store, and topping up online accounts, 1Vouchers can be used to top up the 1ForYou mobile app balance, giving your customers access to even more products and services.

Customers can buy a 1Voucher at all Flash Merchants across South Africa as well as at our partners:

  • Flash
  • PEPcell
  • PEP
  • PEPhome
  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • U Save
  • Ackermans
  • HiFiCorp
  • Dunns
  • Incredible
  • Bradlows
  • House& Home
  • Rochester
  • Russells
  • BondiCell
  • Cellair
  • Sleepmasters
  • TopIt Up
  • TymeBank
  • MTNMoMo
  • AVO
  • Nedbank
  • MoyaPay

Customers who buy or received a 1Voucher are able to redeem the voucher at a variety of leading partners:


  • Ikeja
  • Talk360
  • TooMuchWifi
  • 101Dialer
  • LANLine
  • Moja Prepaid
  • Calmex
  • Project Sizwe
  • Airtime
  • Backspace
  • Fibre Poynt
  • Metro Fibre
  • QMart
  • Rapid Net
  • Vula Coin
  • Greydot Mobile
  • Lokshin WIFI


  • Sleepmasters
  • Russells
  • HiFiCorp
  • Rochester
  • Bradlows
  • Incredible
  • Airbuy


  • Lotto
  • Showmax
  • WaChing
  • Codashop

Crypto and trading:

  • Centbee
  • CapeCrypto


  • Lift
  • Intercape
  • JustGo


  • OYI
  • Netcare Plus
  • Discovery Prepaid Health


  • Akani
  • Resq1
  • 1Life


  • ZonkeEnergy
  • DCGO
  • PayGas

Gaming and Betting:

  • Play.co.za
  • Easybet
  • LulaBet
  • Carry1st
  • MarshallsWorld of Sport
  • HollywoodBets
  • Betway
  • Bet.co.za
  • Supabets
  • Gbets
  • Tab
  • YesPlay
  • Interbet
  • SportingBet
  • WorldSports Betting
  • SportPesa
  • TabGold
  • Topbet
  • TabTrack and Ball Gaming
  • LottoStar
  • ScoreBet
  • BetShack
  • BetOlimp
  • BetFred
  • BestBet
  • Goldrush
  • SunBet
  • eBetSA
  • FirstBet
  • Luckybets
  • MBET
  • PalaceBet
  • PowerBets
  • Soccer
  • TicTac
  • VegasBets
  • PlayaBets
  • GGGaming
  • JabulaBets
  • KayaMoola
  • Lukki
  • PlayBest
  • PlayLive Gaming
  • 10Bet
  • Betshezi
  • KeithHo


  • Carry1st
  • TanakaLife
  • eLearning.co.za

Benefits to Flash merchants selling 1Voucher include an increase in traffic into your store, as well as profit earning potential, and additional commission for selling more than R10 000 (ten thousand rand) worth of 1Vouchers per month.

Continue to grow your business by selling 1Vouchers. As our network of partners increases, so will your earning potential. Contact our Customer Services team online to join 1Voucher today! 

How to sell a 1Voucher with the new Flash app:

  1. On the home screen, click the 1VOUCHER button
  2. When a list of vouchers appears, click on the 1VOUCHER button again
  3. Click AMOUNT for a set voucher value, or click SELECT OWN AMOUNT if your customer wants to choose their own voucher value
  4. If you select a set amount, click SELL
  5. Or, if you select your own amount, click NEXT once you have entered it, and then click SELL
  6. Your device will print a receipt for your customer with their 16-digit PIN