Flash’s smart POS terminals for growing retailers

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Expand your basket with Flash’s smart POS terminals for growing

Flash offers larger merchants and chain retailers an easy-to-access plug-and-play tech solution in the form of mobile POS (point of sale) devices, which allow retailers to sell VAS (value-added services) products like airtime, data and electricity; facilitate multiple account and remittance payments; and sell pre-paid vouchers to their customers. Multiple devices can be placed across several stores and/or till points, and benefit from central and dedicated account management.

Benefits of Flash’s mobile devices and vending solutions:

  • Flash’s mobile VAS vending devices make available a full basket of products and services without the need for API integration. It’s a simpler solution for growing retailers.
  • The product offering made available via Flash’s mobile vending devices helps expand your existing product basket to meet customers’ daily needs more holistically.  

Benefits of Flash’s central account management:

  • Retailers receive ongoing support in the form of a dedicated Flash account manager, who represents a direct point of contact for account reports and status updates; support escalation; and the opportunity to collaborate on marketing campaigns.
  • It allows devices to be managed centrally across stores and/or at individual till points.
  • It includes device and balance management at store and management/corporate level.
  • Accounts can be accessed via a digital account portal, which allows business owners to track transactions and download reports.

Dedicated to supporting our retail customers:

Flash has a considered approach when it comes to supporting its retail customers. Assistance to our customers occurs on multiple levels:

  1. Key account management supports customers at a management or corporate level.
  2. Call Centre-based business support provides customers and merchants with ongoing information and assistance on all general queries, questions and issues that might arise.
  3. A strong field team can provide hands-on support for retailers at store level across the country.

Flash offers additional retail solutions to meet customer demand:

Flash retail solutions extend beyond mobile vending devices to enhance a business’s offering across multiple touch points.

  • Flash Marketplace: Directly sell Value Added Services (VAS) and vouchers from websites or e-commerce sites using a white-labelled click-through link.
  • Flash Closed Loop Vouchers: Branded vouchers for exclusive redemption in your ecosystem, fostering loyalty and repeat purchase.
  • Flash In-Store Gift Card Malls: Convenient physical locations for buying and selling gift cards from various businesses.
  • Flash Plus: Customised voucher spending for employees and customers, enhancing loyalty and satisfaction.
  • API Integration: Flash Integration is a service that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate Flash Value Added Services (VAS), account and remittance payments, and voucher products into their existing platforms and POS systems using an API (Application Programming Interface).