Flash Advance: keep your business running

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Flash merchant holding a TouchGo2 device outside a spaza shop
Flash Advance

Flash Advance: a quick way to top up your balance to keep vending

As a merchant, you understand the importance of keeping your business running smoothly, especially when demand is high. However, there are times when you may run out of Flash balance, which can disrupt your trading activities. Flash Advance is designed to offer a solution to this problem. It provides an immediate balance loan to merchants when they run out of funds, allowing them to keep trading without any interruptions. The merchant can then pay back the balance once they are able to (within a given time frame). 

Who can benefit from Flash Advance?

In addition, the merchant's contact details and ID or passport number must be valid and captured on the Flash system.

Aspiring merchants who provide value added services (VAS) and other Flash services are also eligible. Flash Advance presents an opportunity for these merchants to keep their businesses running even when they run out of Flash balance.

What are the benefits of Flash Advance?

Flash Advance offers quick and easy access to Flash balance without having to go anywhere to top up. This means that, as a merchant, you can continue your trading activities even if you can't leave your shop to load Flash balance. Additionally, the repayment process is simple; merchants have up to 3 days to repay the advance.

Flash Advance also serves as a liquidity and capital management tool. It helps merchants stay trading by removing barriers that could potentially disrupt their operations.

Why choose Flash Advance?

Flash understands the importance of keeping your trading activities running. That's why we encourage you to keep trading, even when you run out of Flash balance. With Flash Advance, you don’t have to leave your shop to continue trading. It provides that extra Flash balance when you need it most.

With Flash Advance, you can truly top up your business and keep your trading activities running smoothly.

How to access Flash Advance 

The process of using Flash Advance is pretty straightforward. Let's say it's the end of the day, and your Flash balance runs out after trading all day. Instead of leaving your store to top up, you can simply go to the Flash Advance section on your device and select "top up with Flash advance." This way, you can continue trading and making money without having to waste time going to top up or doing an EFT and waiting for the funds to land/reflect.

Flash Advance is more than just a service; it's a tool designed to keep your business running, and you earning. So, why wait? Start enjoying the benefits of Flash Advance today, and keep your business trading, even when you run out of Flash Balance.