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Ring, Ring, Ka-Ching - make money with every WhatsApp, phone call or SMS being sent.

With over 112.7 million cellular mobile connections in the first quarter of 2023, being part of the growing connected world is a simple and effective way to start or grow your business. As a Flash merchant, you’ll have the inside line by offering airtime and data to a growing number of customers every day.

Cellphones are here to stay, so offering a start to finish product will allow customers to return to your store or stand daily, weekly, and monthly. Flash merchants are able to provide physical printed vouchers for airtime/data, or a direct top-up to the customer’s number and customers can pay with cash or bank debit/credit card.

There are three reasons why you as a Flash merchant should be offering SIM, data and airtime:

  • SIM Cards – no matter what the customer would like to do with their phone, to stay connected, they’ll need a RICA’ ed SIM card inserted into their cell phone. As a Flash merchant, you’ll be offering what is known as a ‘SIM-only’ or Pay as You Go SIM card. There are no monthly contracts or subscriptions, and your customer can load airtime and data as often and as much as they need.

We offer a variety of SIM choices; customers are able to select networks that provide the best coverage in their area. As a Flash merchant, you can offer SIM cards for all the major networks:

  1. Cell C
  2. MTN
  3. Telkom
  4. Vodacom
  • Once their SIM is RICA’ ed and inserted into the phone, to start making calls or using their favourite social media apps, customers will then need to load airtime and data. Being a Flash merchant, you’ll be able to offer your customer a number of bundles, in a variety of denominations.
  • For every SIM card activated by you, you’ll earn not only your commission but also a ‘Connection Incentive Bonus’ or CIB (as we like to call it) from the network for connecting starter packs and successfully registering the customers on RICA (within nine months of receiving the SIM card).

Let’s look at each network and the benefits they offer your customer:


With their slogan of ‘Everywhere you go’, MTN has one of the largest and most recognisable networks within Africa and Eastern countries. They offer multiple data and airtime deals with every recharge, and a chance to earn more airtime and data.

With their Bozza Gig Tariff Plan, MTN offers:

  • 4GB for R49 - 2GBAnytime Data + 2GB Night Express once-off/reoccurring, valid for 14 days

Popular MTN airtime and data bundles sold at Flash are:

  • 300MB (WhatsApp Weekly) MTN Data - R10
  • 150MB (WhatsApp 3 Days) MTN Data - R5
  • 50MB (Weekly) MTN Data - R10
  • 200MB (Facebook Daily) MTN Data - R5
  • 120MB (Weekly) MTN Data - R17


Vodacom, one of the largest mobile networks in South Africa also offers network coverage in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Lesotho through its affiliation to Vodafone, as well as business services in over 50 countries around the world. Vodacom offers great LTE tariff plans for customers that love to make use of data.

Popular Vodacom airtime and data bundles sold at Flash are:

  • WhatsApp 250MB (7 Days) Vodacom Data - R12
  • 120MB (Weekly) Vodacom Data - R17
  • WhatsApp 250MB (1 Day) Vodacom Data - R5
  • WhatsApp 100MB (3 Days) Vodacom Data - R6
  • WhatsApp 1GB (Monthly) Vodacom Data - R35


Cell C is the fourth-largest network within South Africa with a focus on providing connectivity to SMEs (smaller enterprises), corporate clients and retail franchises. They offer a smaller range of products; however, their key focus is their Home Connecta Flexi offerings, allowing customers to stay connected on social media, surf the web or watch their favourite subscription TV services at home.

Popular Cell C airtime and data bundles sold at Flash are:

  • 300MB (WhatsApp 3 Days) Cell C Data - R10
  • WhatsApp 1GB (Monthly) Cell C Data - R29
  • 1GB (Daily) Cell C Data- R25
  • 120MB (All-In-One) Cell C Data - R15
  • 60MB (7 Days) Cell C Data - R10
  • 4GB for R45 – 2GB Anytime Data + 2GB Nite Data + 20 On-Net Minutes + 20 Any-Net Minutes/valid for 30 days


The third-largest network provider in South Africa, Telkom provides several services for residential consumers (with both mobile and at-home service), SME’s (small entrepreneurs), corporate clients and retail franchises.

You’ll have access to a network that provides extensive coverage across South Africa, exclusive data and airtime deals on Telkom SIM cards, as well as incredible LTE tariffs packages that offer cheaper data deals.

Popular Telkom airtime and data bundles sold at Flash are:

  • 300MB WhatsApp (Weekly)Telkom Data - R10
  • 150MB (Daily) Telkom Data - R10
  • 6GB for R49 – 3GBAnytime Day + 3GB Night Surfer Data
  • 150MB WhatsApp (Daily)Telkom Data - R5
  • 50MB (Weekly) Telkom Data - R5

Want to get started? Purchase a Flash machine from any Flash Kiosk, PEP or PEP cell store. Once you’ve got your machine, there’s a few easy steps to get you trading:

  • Register on your device or contact the Flash Call Centre
  • Top up your Flash balance on your machine at any Flash Kiosk, PEP, Shoprite, Checkers, Ackermans, John Craig, USave, Dunns, FNB ATM, ABSA ATM, Nedbank or via an EFT
  • Familiarise yourself with the RICA process, as each new SIM card will need to go through this. Read the full process here.

Start selling airtime and data with or without a SIM card. This can be done through two different formats for your customer:

  1. Voucher (PIN): Customer purchases a voucher from you for a determined/fixed amount. The customer then dials the USSD string on the voucher slip. Their balance is topped up with the rand value they purchased.
  2. Direct top up (No PIN): You log into the Flash/network system and, using the assigned cell phone numbers assigned to the SIM after it has been RICA ’ed (also known as the MSISDN), load the rand value to the customer’s mobile account.