Pay with Flash: revolutionising supplier payments

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Supplier delivering good to a Flash Spaza merchant
Pay with Flash

Pay with Flash: revolutionising supplier payments in the informal sector

Are you tired of the risks and hassles associated with handling large amounts of cash when paying suppliers? Pay with Flash, an innovative cashless solution for merchants to pay their suppliers, is here to make running your business easy and safe.

The cashless revolution

Pay with Flash is made to serve as a safe way to pay suppliers, and most importantly, small to medium-sized businesses operating in the informal sector. It eliminates the need for cash transactions, providing a secure and quick alternative that reduces risk and accelerates payments.

Why choose Pay with Flash?

Complete safety

With Pay with Flash, your money is safe and secure, eliminating potential business risks and revenue losses due to theft.

Instant payments

Forget about the delays associated with EFTs or bank payments. With Pay with Flash, you can instantly pay for your products from suppliers or distributors. It's quick, efficient, and hassle-free.


This solution offers a free payment method. It lowers cash management costs and the expenses associated with storing and transporting cash.

How to Use Pay with Flash

Imagine you need to stock up on Coca-Cola. You already have a balance on your Flash machine from the sale of Flash vending products. Upon the arrival of your Coca-Cola supplier, you can quickly make a secure payment using your Flash balance. This ensures a safe, cash-free transaction, reducing the risk of theft for the delivery driver, and you.

Embrace the new era of safe and easy payments with Pay with Flash. Forget cash and switch to a more secure option. Pay for your Coca-Cola and other Fast-Moving Consumer

Goods (FMCG) using Pay with Flash and experience a whole new level of convenience and security.

Pay with Flash is accepted by:

  • Clover
  • Peninsula Beverages
  • Sunbake
  • Quantum Foods
  • Econo Foods
  • Simba
  • BevCo (Jive Cape Town)

How does it work?

  1. Select pay supplier on main menu.
  2. Select your supplier from the list of suppliers.
  3. Enter the payment details (supplier reference, amount and customer reference or invoice No.)
  4. Enter the driver’s phone number for the SMS proof of payment.
  5. Select pay to complete payment.
  6. Print till slip as proof of payment.

Don’t just transact, transform your supplier payments using Pay with Flash

Pay with Flash is more than a cashless payment solution - it's a revolution for merchants. It's about providing a safer, faster, and more efficient way to conduct business in the informal sector. So, forget cash, rather use Pay with Flash, and experience a safe and seamless transaction process like never before.