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Print Uber and Uber Eats vouchers in a flash

Uber and Uber Eats vouchers allow your customers to quickly and easily top up their in-app wallets, so they’re never out of credit when they need to book a ride or order their favourite meal.

Customers can visit your store and, from as little as R20, purchase an Uber or Uber Eats voucher. This voucher, which can be paid for with cash or a bank card, can be loaded to their own profiles on the Uber or Uber Eats apps, or can be shared with family and friends as a gift. Uber and Uber Eats gift vouchers make the perfect present for any occasion because they are affordable and easy to share.

The entire purchase and loading process in-store is quick and easy, requiring only a few steps. Once the customer has their voucher, they’ll simply need to login to their profile, select wallet and gift card and then enter the unique voucher code printed on their receipt.