Shop2Shop: Cash management for high volume

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Shop2Shop Safes

Shop2Shop: Cash management for high volume merchants

In the world of retail, where cash is still king, managing large volumes and values can be a real headache for merchants. But what if there was a way to manage your cash with ease, safety, and efficiency? Enter Shop2Shop, a game-changing facility designed specifically for high volume traders who need a secure, convenient, and fast way to handle their cash transactions.

Why choose Shop2Shop?

Shop2Shop serves as a digital safe, where merchants can store large quantities of cash. This cash is then reflected in the merchants Shop2Shop wallet, ready for use. Unlike traditional cash handling methods, Shop2Shop minimises risks associated with handling large amounts of cash and reduces the barriers surrounding admin and safety. It's a simple, secure, and smart solution for high volume merchant.

How does Shop2Shop work?

The Shop2Shop process is simple and straightforward:


A merchant can visit one of the designated sites to make a cash deposit or drop. They provide the teller or top-up trader with the amount and account details. Once the amount is confirmed, it is instantly reflected in their Shop2Shop wallet. The merchant can then transfer the funds to their Flash balance.

Safe rental:

A merchant can apply to become a safety deposit renter. After a successful application process, they can receive drops and make their own drops in the safe/safes.

Benefits for merchants 

Shop2Shop is not just about storing and managing cash. It opens up new opportunities for merchants. They can rent a safe to assist other merchants, providing a valuable service while keeping their own funds secure. It's a win-win solution that benefits everyone involved.

Benefits for business partners, suppliers, and distributors

Shop2Shop makes it easier for merchants to access digital cash, which they can use to pay their suppliers or top up other merchants. It's a solution that streamlines the payment process, making it safer and more efficient for everyone in the supply chain.

Why choose Shop2Shop 

In the competitive landscape of cash management services, Shop2Shop stands out for its focus on simplicity, convenience, and security. While other services like Cash Connect and G4S offer similar services, Shop2Shop stands out for its unique value in the market - it's not just a facility for managing cash, it's a holistic solution designed to help merchants succeed.

The Shop2Shop promise

Shop2Shop is more than just a product. It's a promise to make cash management faster, simpler, and more convenient for high volume merchants. It's a commitment to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform that meets merchants' needs while also adding value to suppliers and distributors.

With Shop2Shop, you're not just managing cash—you're making every transaction count.

Discover Shop2Shop today and experience a new way of managing cash that's designed with you in mind.