The power of support to expand your business

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Merchant Support

The power of area growth managers and support to expand your business 

In today's competitive marketplace, you need to constantly seek innovative ways to grow and expand. Enter Flash's area growth managers (AGMs) and support Team. A dedicated group of experts designed to help our loyal merchants navigate the business landscape effectively. Our AGMs offer personalised, hands on support to businesses, helping them stay ahead of the curve. 

Available to loyal Flash merchants

Our AGMs are primarily aimed at loyal Flash merchants who trade regularly and have a reasonable turnover. These business owners understand the importance of continuous improvement and are eager to harness the power of expert data and insights to drive their growth.

Benefits for merchants 

With our AGM service, merchants can expect many benefits. One of the key offerings is scheduled visits from an AGM. These visits provide valuable insights into the progress of their business and offer solutions to challenges they might be facing.

Our AGMs also assist with store and shop branding, ensuring your business stands out from the crowd and gets noticed.

At Flash, we incorporate the use of cutting-edge technology to support our merchants. Our technology is designed to detect when a merchant has stopped trading. Once this is identified, it automatically sends out an alert to the AGM who will then reach out and assist.

Our AGM service stands out in the market for two main reasons. Firstly, we have an extensive network of over 180 AGMs spread across the country, ensuring we can reach our merchants regardless of their location. Secondly, our pioneering technology offers proactive support, detecting issues before they impact a merchant's business.

One-on-one merchant support 

At Flash, our main aim is to make people's lives easier, and our AGMs are a big part of that. They provide a personalised trading experience, tailored to each merchant's unique business needs and objectives.

How to access support services 

To start your journey with an AGM, you need to be classified as a loyal Flash merchant with high sales in a specific profile. You’ll then receive regular visits from an AGM, providing you with additional education about our products and services.

If a merchant has a query or faces a challenge, they can reach out for assistance. If the issue cannot be resolved telephonically, a physical visit from the AGM is arranged.

Our AGMs are not just support staff; they are growth partners who work hand-in-hand with our merchants to ensure their businesses thrive. At Flash, we believe in the power of personalised support and are committed to providing our valued vendors with the tools and help they need to succeed.

If you do not qualify for a personal AGM, the Flash Call Centre offers support to all Flash merchants. Our friendly Call Centre agents are trained in all aspects of the Flash business and will go out of their way to resolve any issues, make your life easier, and help you on your way to business success.