Earn more with Talk360 Direct Top Ups

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Earn more with Talk360 Direct Top Ups

Flash has partnered with Talk360 to offer direct top ups. Talk360 is an international calling app which allows reliable and affordable phone calls to any offline landline or mobile phone in over 190+ countries.  Your customers can now directly top up their Talk360 credit at a Flash Shop.

Here’s how to do direct Talk360 top ups on your Flash Machine.
Talk360 on Old Flash App:
  1. Select Payments.
  2. Search Talk360
  3. Enter mobile number.
  4. Confirm account details.
  5. Enter amount to pay.
  6. Confirm details and press pay.
  7. Transaction complete.

Talk360 on Solar:
  1. Select Payments
  2. Select Find Biller
  3. Select Pay Talk360
  4. Enter Mobile Number
  5. Confirm details and press ok.
  6. Enter amount.
  7. Print Slip

To download the Talk360 app

Visit the Talk360 Website: Click here.

Top up your account at a Flash shop with your mobile number! Easy.