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Trading with Flash: the ultimate guide for merchants

As a merchant, you constantly look for ways to grow your business, increase profits, and provide value-added services to your customers. Here’s an overview of how to trade using Flash for business, a platform designed to help you achieve these goals with ease and efficiency.

Why choose Flash for your business?

Trading with Flash comes with many more benefits. These include:

  • Fast and reliable device, so you can trade 24/7 as well as Flash business app
  • Sell airtime and data for all major networks including MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom and Eezi airtime/data (a voucher that tops up any network)
  • Selling electricity vouchers: Eskom, municipal electricity, and Eezi Power
  • Making bill payments: Pay@ and DStv
  • Do RICA registrations
  • Paying your suppliers using Pay with Flash
  • Access to support from our, Call Centre, and website
  • Free Flash branding for your shop

Why use Flash for business?

What makes Flash different is our large network of merchants and business partners. Not a lot of companies can compete with Flash’s big product offering (easily the best in South Africa) and great commission structures. Another big difference is that our products and initiatives make sure the customer is always first but also chosen specifically to cater to the needs of our merchants.

Our cashless solution, Pay with Flash, allows merchants to easily pay suppliers and suppliers from your Flash device. This solution ensures secure and good cash management, making things easy and safe for both merchants and suppliers.

The Flash business app

Taking your business digital is easier than ever with the Flash business app. This app is made for merchants who want to make the most of technology to expand their business. Whether you own a physical store or are a merchant on the go, this app is your solution to simple and better business transactions.

Flash business app: Business in your pocket

The Flash Business app brings the power of business operations right into your pocket. This app is designed to give merchants the ability to sell on the move and earn straight from their smartphones. It's an empowering tool that allows for trading without the need to own a Flash device.

Download the Flash business app for Android:

Click here to download

Download the Flash business app for Apple:

Click here to download

Who can benefit from the Flash business app?

The Flash business app is designed for merchants and individuals who have access to a smartphone and want to participate in vending value-added services. This app allows for trading from anywhere, at any time, making it a perfect tool for mobile businesses.

Key Features of the Flash for business app

The app allows for account management, including balance transfers to other merchants or between accounts. It essentially works as a mobile business, as the merchant can take their phone anywhere, anytime, and trade. The app is convenient and secure, making it a must-have tool for entrepreneurs on the go.

Flash provides a range of business solutions designed to empower small and medium business owners. By offering tools that allow for a wider range of services, better convenience, and increased professionalism, Flash is helping businesses thrive in a digital world. Whether you're a small business looking to expand your services or a medium business owner seeking to formalise your operations, Flash has a solution tailored for you.

Area Growth Managers (AGMs) and merchant support

At Flash, we believe in providing great customer support to our merchants. Our Area Growth Manager (AGM) service, which includes scheduled visits from a local Growth Manager, provides a multitude of benefits. The Area Growth Manager offers valuable insights into your business progress and offers solutions to any challenges you might be facing.

Our cutting-edge technology, 1View, also supports our merchants by detecting when trading has stopped. It then sends an alert to the Area Growth Manager, who will reach out to provide assistance.

Topping up your Flash trading balance with Flash tokens

With Flash tokens, you can top up your Flash trading balance so you can continue selling services such as airtime, data, electricity, prepaid water, and much more without any interruptions. You can easily purchase Flash tokens at participating retail stores (including Ackerman's and Shoprite), and other Flash merchants.

Trading with Flash

Trading with Flash is a simple process:

  • Buy a Flash device or download the Flash Business app
  1. Register on the app or device
  2. Deposit funds
  3. Start trading
  4. Earn commission on products sold
  5. Grow your business

Transform your business with Flash's business solution

In a rapidly advancing digital world, businesses need tools that provide them with the ability to keep up, stay competitive, and optimize their operations. Flash aims to empower businesses of all sizes with a range of innovative tech solutions. From vending pre-paid products and services to accepting card payments, Flash gives businesses the tools they need to thrive. Take a deep dive into three of Flash's standout devices: the TouchGo2, the D2, and the Flash Business app. 

Flash TouchGo2: A versatile tool for businesses

The Flash TouchGo2 is a device specifically designed to cater to the needs of businesses. It enables merchants to sell and offer a range of value-added services such as airtime, data, electricity, and account payments. The TouchGo2 also accepts card payments, providing an added level of convenience for customers and businesses. 

Who can benefit from the Flash TouchGo2?

The Flash TouchGo2 is designed for small to medium businesses operating in South Africa's bustling urban areas and fringes - from pop-up stalls and tuck shops to larger stores. The TouchGo2's functionalities provide many benefits to these merchants, allowing them to offer a wider range of products and services to their customers, and to accept card payments seamlessly.

Key features of the Flash TouchGo2

The Flash TouchGo2 is a powerful point-of-sale device equipped with advanced tech to ensure 24/7 trading capabilities. Its dual SIM technology ensures better network coverage and connectivity. This means that merchants are always backed up, making it perfect for low-coverage or rural areas. It features a user-friendly interface, a 5.5" touchscreen, and a built-in thermal printer. The printer is super-fast, meaning customers don’t have to wait for slips to print.  Faster service for customers means more money for your business. 

Why choose Flash TouchGo2?

The Flash TouchGo2 is more than just a vending machine; it's a tool to upgrade your business. It allows for faster transactions and better network coverage and also drives customer footfall into shops by offering Flash’s huge basket of products and services. 

The Flash brand is trusted in the market and offers Call Centre support and service agents on the ground, ensuring that help is always just a phone call or WhatsApp away.

Where to get a Flash TouchGo2?

You can buy the Flash TouchGo2 at selected PEP, PEP cell, and Flash Kiosks, and online on Takealot, Nedbank Avo and Incredible Connection. 

Flash D2: Elevating medium businesses

The Flash D2 is another powerful tool designed to cater to the needs of medium businesses. This device allows merchants to vend pre-paid, post-paid, and account payment products and services to their customers.

Who can benefit from Flash’s D2 device?

Just like the TouchGo2, the primary market for the D2 is small and medium business owners. The Flash D2 helps to formalise their operations by creating a dedicated till point, thereby making their stores more organised and professional.

Key features of Flash’s D2 device

Flash’s D2 shares many features with the TouchGo2, such as dual SIM technology, card payment acceptance, excellent network coverage, and Call Centre support. The key selling point for the D2 is its ability to create a formalised machine for bigger stores and a dedicated till point, thereby adding an air of professionalism to the business.