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Buy electricity and water at your local Flash shop today!

At Flash we value our customers, and our goal is simple: “Make people’s lives easier”. One of the many ways we do this is by giving customers the opportunity to buy their electricity and water at any Flash shop and 1ForYou app. For those looking for a local Flash merchant, simply be on the lookout for a shop with a black cow logo and you’ll be in the right place. For those looking to buy online, download the 1ForYou app here.

By using our network of shops or the 1ForYou app, customers don’t have to waste time and money travelling to busy shopping centers to buy electricity and water. We’ve effectively transformed the local spaza shop into a recharge station. Getting your lights back on is as simple as taking a walk around the corner.

Over and above of buying electricity at Flash, you can also buy prepaid water at Flash merchants. Simply ask at the till. Qualifying households can also ask for Free Basic Electricity (FBE), this is free basic electricity that the government provides to certain households for basic electricity needs. One thing to note though is that these services are only available in certain municipalities.

To purchase electricity or water from a Flash merchant, simply ask if the service is available and be sure to have your meter number ready. If you don’t know your meter number, that’s not a problem, you can still buy Eezi Power. Buying electricity or water through your 1ForYou app is a little different, but just as easy. Download the 1ForYou app, enter your meter number and the amount of electricity you want to buy, and click proceed.

If it could be any simpler than this, we’d find a way. To view the full list of all that we offer.

For those looking to buy online, download the 1ForYou app.