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Thousands of hours of entertainment unlocked with Flash

With over 5 400 movies and series on Netflix South Africa, and 80million songs on Spotify Premium, you could spend your whole life kicking back and watching binge-worthy content or jamming to tasty tunes. In short, life’s too short to miss a beat. Luckily with Flash, you can spend more time watching your top shows and singing along to your favourite artists, and less time paying subscriptions. And you don’t even need a bank account!

With Flash entertainment vouchers for Netflix and Spotify, you can load balance/credit to your platform wallet using cash. You’ll also be able to top-up once a month, or load credit to your wallet throughout the month, meaning that when it’s time for that subscription to go off, you’ve got the full amount. In short, Flash entertainment vouchers (available at all Flash shops across South Africa) give you the flexibility to manage your account your way.

And if you’re looking for a nifty gift, you can buy and send a Netflix or Spotify voucher to a friend or family. They’ll be able to use the voucher to get a month’s subscription on the platform voucher you’ve selected, to stream unlimited movies, TV series, or music. Nice!

Visit a Flash shop near you to stay entertained the easy way.