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The power and choice is in your hands - buy and use Eezi airtime/data, on any network.

Eezi is Flash’s multi-network voucher that works on every major network. Topping up airtime and data has never been easier. Don’t get locked into a one-network kind of relationship with your mobile phone – enjoy the flexibility of mixing and matching your SIM cards to benefit the most from each bundle or package rate available on each network. With Eezi, if you decide to switch networks, you won’t lose out on airtime or data because Eezi can be used on any SIM. The other great thing about Eezi is that you can top up any amount, from R2. All you have to do is buy, dial, and choose the bundle that suits you. It’s that easy!

The choice is yours, whether you’re switching networks or making the most of the benefits of different networks, Flash’s Eezi voucher is unique in that it is not limited to MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom, but can be loaded to all of them. Ensure you’re never out of airtime or data by buying your Eezi voucher now and keeping it safe until it’s needed – vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Eezi Airtime/Data vouchers are available at all Flash merchants or through the 1ForYou app, and can be bought with cash, credit, or debit bank cards. And anyone with any phone can use it - all you need is yours or the receiver’s number - that’s what is so great about it! You can buy it for someone else, even if you don’t know what network they are with.

How to buy and load an Eezi voucher:

  • Find your nearest Flash shop/Merchant (there are more than 200 000 Merchants)
  • Ask for Eezi Airtime or Eezi Data
  • Confirm the amount you’d like to buy and make your payment using cash or your bank debit/credit card.
  • Dial *130*3621*3*VOUCHERPIN# from the phone or SIM card that you would like to top up.
  • From the on-screen menu, choose airtime or the network denomination specific data bundle.
  • Wait for your network to confirm via SMS that your airtime or data has been loaded.

Want to send airtime and data after-hours? Download the 1ForYou app to buy airtime and data. The great thing is that you don’t even have to know the number or network to buy Eezi Airtime. You just have to know how much you want to spend.

Here’s how easy it is to top up your 1ForYou balance:

  • 1Voucher – a prepaid voucher purchased from Flash merchant and partners across the country in-store and online. Manually type in the 16-digit voucher PIN or scan the QR code to load. Topping up your balance with 1Voucher is best way to get started without a bank account.
  • Receive from a friend – You can top up your balance with a 1Voucher purchased by a friend, which they can send to you by scanning the unique QR code linked to your Flash profile.
  • Ozow Instant EFT – log into your bank account using your online banking information to complete your payment.

Once you’ve got a positive credit balance, you’re ready to start buying airtime and data in the 1ForYou app:

  • Select ‘Buy’ from your home screen.
  • Select airtime or data and select Eezi.
  • Enter the amount you’d like to buy and click ‘Buy’.
  • The relevant amount will be debited from your wallet and a voucher code will be shared with you to use at any time.

Ready to start? Visit your nearest Flash Merchant today.