Top up your 1ForYou app with Capitec

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Multiple ways for customers to top up

Flash offers multiple ways for customers to top up their Flash balance, including with a Capitec EFT, which makes the app even more accessible to more people. 

Topping up your 1ForYou app has never been easier for Capitec customers. Replenish your balance instantly by selecting the Capitec EFT option to get some money back into your 1ForYou digital balance. This is just one-way 1ForYou is committed to making the 1ForYou app easy to use, for all customers.

The 1ForYou app gives consumers a way to access essential services such as necessary utilities, or to top up on airtime and data. It also enables customers to purchase 1Voucher (a digital prepaid voucher) as well as vouchers for various entertainment services such as Netflix or Spotify.

With all of this in the palm of your hand, keeping cash in your 1ForYou balance is a must. Topping up your Flash balance is quick and easy and has been made even more convenient with the added option of topping up from Capitec Bank.

Topping up your 1ForYou app balance is simple:

  1. Log into the app and select add to balance,’ these are the ways you can add to your balance:
  2. Instant EFT: Selecting Capitec Bank to top up will lead you to the financial service’s payment portal and from there you’ll continue to follow the prompts.
  3. 1Voucher: By selecting this option you’ll be prompted to enter your 16-digit 1Voucher PIN, after which your balance will be loaded.
  4. From a friend: Selecting this option generates your unique, scannable QR code, which your friends or family can scan to top up your balance.

Whether you’re looking to top up or spend, the 1ForYou app brings convenience to your fingertips. And if you’re with Capitec Bank and don’t yet have the 1ForYou app, why not download it and give it a try.