TouchGo2 – empowering merchants and customers

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Visual representation showcasing the empowerment of merchants and customers through TouchGo2 device – Explore the transformative capabilities of this innovative solution.

Empowering merchants and customers

Flash is proud to introduce the TouchGo2, a powerful point of sale device designed to simplify transactions between small businesses and their valued customers. It’s fast and reliable.

Why choose TouchGo2

Flash’s TouchGo2 machine allows businesses to vend pre-paid products. Where it differs is how it makes transactions between merchant and customers more efficient:

  • Card Payments: This new feature now opens even more ways for customers to pay, giving merchant's alternative payment options to cash.
  • Dual Sim: Flash TouchGo2 features dual-sim compatibility, which gives merchant's uninterrupted access to payment processes.
  • Wider range of products and services: Due to the update in technology, the Flash TouchGo2 allows for an even wider range of products and services, accessed through one seamless device.

While these are the new core features to the system, the Flash TouchGo2 is faster, more efficient, and even easier to use than older machines.

Transforming merchants experiences with TouchGo2

In addition to its core features, the Flash TouchGo2 gives your customers the power to purchase additional value added services (VAS) such as electricity, airtime, 1Vouchers and so much more in your store. It effectively enables your small business to expand its digital offering. With 4G technology, the TouchGo2’s connection speeds are vastly improved, which saves you time between transactions. A useful feature when queues start to pile up.

Along with upgraded connectivity speeds, and more products and services, Flash merchants also get access to Call Centre teams for constant support. In addition to online support teams, Flash also provides face to face services through our area growth managers (AGMs). These AGMs provide personalized on the ground support to Flash merchants that need it.

Improving Customers’ Experience with TouchGo2

With our motto of making people’s lives easier, the Flash TouchGo2 machine not only benefits merchants, it also aims to improve the lives of the customers they serve. With additional products and services, increased transaction speeds and more efficient payment systems, the Flash TouchGo2 provides customers with a better transactional experience.

The Flash TouchGo2 gives merchant a way to cater for card customers while offering everyone the best and most relevant digital products and services.

Getting your hands on the Flash TouchGo2 is simple. Either purchase it through our Flash kiosk, selected PEP Stores or any of our online partners such as Takealot, Nedbank Avo and Incredible Connection. You can also contact any AGM within your community to get a Flash TouchGo2 device into your store or contact our call centre to find out more.

Top up your business today with the power of the Flash TouchGo2.