Money Transfers
Money Transfers

With over 35-years’ experience in the transfer business, Ria Sikhona is one of the top choices when you need to send money internationally to over 500 000+ locations in 180 countries, including to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana, Senegal, and more. There’s a reason over 10 million people worldwide use Ria.

With Flash merchant you can pay for your money transfer order with cash, so you don’t need a bank account or bank card. What’s more, you can do it in the safety of your own community, because there is a Flash shop on almost every corner.

Zimbabwe Ria

Pay-Out Partners

  • ZB Bank Ltd (Locations: 59)
  • First Capital Bank (Locations: 29)
  • Kaar Express Financial Services (Locations: 6)
  • African Century Limited (Locations: 5)
  • Quest Financial Services (Locations: 34)
  • Rolink Finance Private Limited (Locations: 4)
  • Wiremint Private Limited (Locations: 6)

Pay-out method: Cash Pick-up - Bank deposit and Mobile Wallet payments to Ecocash.

Malawi Ria

Pay-Out Partners

  • First Capital Bank (Locations: 38)
  • Victoria Forex Bureau (Locations: 197)

Pay-out method: Cash Pick-up - Bank deposit and Mobile Wallet payments to Airtel Money & Mpamba

Ethiopia Ria

Pay-Out Partners

  • Abay Bank SC (Locations: 498)
  • Addis International Bank SC (Locations: 135)
  • Awash Int. Bank SC (Locations: 881)
  • Bank of Abyssinia (Locations: 957)
  • Berhan Int. Bank SC (Locations: 365)
  • Bunna Int. Bank SC (Locations: 382)
  • Cooperative Bank of Oromia (Locations: 643)
  • Alantique International INC (Locations: 1822)
  • Dashen Bank Ethiopia (Locations: 608)
  • Enat Bank SC (Locations:166)
  • Lion International Bank (Locations: 197)
  • Nib International Bank (Locations: 407)
  • Oromia International Bank SC (Locations: 342)
  • United Bank of Ethiopia (Locations: 477)
  • Wegagen Bank SC (Locations: 420)
  • Hijra Bank SC (Locations: 70)
  • Tsehay Bank Shares Company (Locations: 77)
  • Zamzam Bank SC (Locations: 19)
  • Silinqee Bank SC (Locations: 404)
  • Tsedey Bank Shares Company (Locations: 77)
  • Tsedey Bank Shares Company (Locations: 519)
  • Amhara Bank SC (Locations: 182)
  • Ahafu Bank Share Company Locations:(Locations: 75)

Pay-out method: Office pick-up - Bank Deposit to own bank account & mobile wallet payments to Amole and Telebirr