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The gateway to unlimited entertainment starts with Flash.

Help your customers binge on their favourite series and movies, and jam to top tunes with Flash’s Netflix and Spotify vouchers.

Flash entertainment vouchers take the inconvenience and hassle of creating a bank account out of the equation by allowing families to make their subscription purchases in your store. With vouchers, there are no long-term commitments, because your customers can pay-as-they-go using cash.

The Flash entertainment voucher is not an instant top-up, meaning customers will have to complete an extra step after they have purchased their voucher. They will need to log into their profile on Netflix or Spotify Premium and manually enter the unique voucher code they’ve just purchased. The value is then loaded to their wallet, instantly.

Entertainment vouchers for Netflix and Spotify Premium also make great gifts. As the voucher is not a direct top-up, you’ll be able to print a physical voucher code for the customer, who can then share it with their family members or friends.

There you have it, another great Flash product to offer your customers (and another reason for people to visit your store).