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Top up your Flash trading balance with Flash vouchers

Flash vouchers are here to help you top up your trading balance and keep selling 24/7.

What are Flash vouchers?

Flash vouchers are a unique form of digital currency that you can use to top up your Flash balance. With a topped up trading balance, you can pay suppliers (using Pay with Flash) and continue selling services such as airtime, data, electricity, prepaid water, and much more without any interruptions. You can easily buy Flash vouchers at your nearest Flash store, participating retail stores, and other Flash merchants.

Why use Flash vouchers?

Flash vouchers offer many benefits that revolutionise the trading experience for both merchants and their business partners and/or suppliers.

Benefits for merchants

The Flash vouchers system provides an alternative, efficient method for merchants to deposit cash into their accounts. No longer do you have to worry about banking hours or long queues. Simply buy a Flash voucher from another merchant and top up your balance at your convenience.

How to top up (money) into your Flash Machine using your 11-digit Flash account number as a reference

Option 1: Load a Flash voucher using *130*3621*PIN#

Vouchers can be bought at:

  • Flash Kiosk
  • Pep
  • Checkers
  • Shoprite
  • USave  
  • Dunns
  • Ackermans
  • Shop2Shop

Option 2: Top up at these banks


  • Flash Mobile
  • Vending (PTY) LTD
  • Account#: 1195253826
  • Branch Code: 198765

FNB Bank:

  • Flash Mobile
  • Vending (PTY) LTD
  • Account#: 62544397492
  • Branch Code: 250655

ABSA Bank:

  • Flash Mobile
  • Vending (PTY) LTD
  • Account#: 4072416316
  • Branch Code: 632005

Option 3: 

  • Transfer tapped value from Shop2Shop to your Flash account

Option 4: 

  • Top up at a Flash Kiosk or a large Flash shop


Remember: Use your Flash account number as your deposit reference for all transactions

Benefits for business partners/suppliers

Flash vouchers don’t just facilitate trading; they also streamline the payment process. Thanks to the innovative "Pay With Flash" feature, merchants can use their voucher-loaded balance to pay suppliers digitally. This offers a safe, convenient, and prompt way to make payments to suppliers like Coca Cola, Clover, Simba, and more.

Why are Flash vouchers great?

The Flash voucher system is designed to simplify topping up, with the added bonus of encouraging peer-to-peer (B2B) transfers. This means you can easily transfer Flash vouchers (Flash balance) to a fellow merchant or receive Flash vouchers (Flash balance) from them, facilitating an efficient trading network.

The convenience, speed, and safety offered by Flash vouchers make them a cost-effective choice for merchants. Not only does it save you time, but it also offers increased safety by eliminating the need for cash handling.

How to use Flash vouchers

Flash vouchers are straightforward and efficient to use. As a merchant, you simply hand over cash to a fellow merchant who then sells you a Flash voucher (a voucher with a unique PIN). You can then upload the PIN to your Flash device. Alternatively, you can do a direct Flash balance transfer using your Flash account number.

For retail transactions, you request a Flash voucher and the amount at the till. Once you've paid, the teller will hand over the Flash voucher slip (a voucher with a unique PIN). You can then upload the PIN to your Flash device.

Understanding some key terms associated with Flash vouchers can help you maximise their benefits:

- Top up: This refers to adding balance to your Flash account using Flash vouchers 

- Flash voucher: A digital voucher used to top up your Flash balance

- QR code: A type of barcode that the Flash system uses to facilitate transactions 

- Scan in: Scanning a QR code to initiate a transaction

Top up and keep trading with Flash vouchers 

Flash vouchers are revolutionising the way merchants trade and pay suppliers. With ease of use, convenience, and safety, Flash vouchers offer a cost-effective solution that caters to the dynamic needs of today's busy business owners. Whether you are a seasoned merchant or a budding entrepreneur, Flash vouchers are designed to streamline your trading journey. Embrace the future of trading today by topping up your trading balance with Flash vouchers.