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Global footprint for South African businesses

Flash merchant and the users of the Flash business mobile app have the opportunity to expand their customer base beyond borders by offering a product that can be used in multiple countries outside of South Africa. Global airtime, global data and global electricity are unique Flash products that can be bought in South Africa but can be used to top up airtime and data in over 150 countries around the world, with 550 network operators.

Flash customers can send airtime, data and electricity to friends and family, through direct top-ups (global airtime, global data) or through tokens/vouchers (global electricity) that are manually loaded into the recipient's meter.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of fast and instant transactions, and easy access to the products they need, in their own neighborhood, while Flash merchant get to increase their network of customers by offering an in-demand service. The partnership between global airtime, global data and global electricity allows customers to send these products with some of the lowest fees.