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Level up your business potential with Flash gaming vouchers

With 24 million gamers in South Africa (a number that’s always growing), the video game market is slowly moving to take over movies and music as the primary source of entertainment. With in-game upgrades and add-ons, the gaming market is becoming an important space for any businesses to play in - especially when it comes to offering cash customers access to online purchases.

With over 200 000+ Flash stores across South Africa, you’ll be part of a large network of locations that sell Flash vouchers that customers can use to load balance/credit into their in-game wallets. This in-game credit can be used to buy upgrades, accessories, skins, and more to help them get to the next level of their game. Vouchers can be sold in-store from less than R20 and are available for a variety of gaming platforms – console, online or mobile games.

Vouchers currently available from Flash include Playstation, Playstation Plus, Razer Gold, Steam, PubG, Roblox and Free Fire.