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Shopping close to home is super convenient. You'll find everything you need, from everyday groceries to special treats, right at your doorstep. The local 'spaza shop' is a regular spot in communities, making it easy to buy essentials like bread, milk, and tea. Now, thanks to Flash’s smart technology, they offer even more.

Spaza stores aren't just about groceries - shopping so close to home saves time, money, and it's safer than going far away. Plus, in many areas, the local shop is where you meet Neighbour's and friends. It’s a place you’re known by name and welcomed - it's a friendly community hub.

Flash spaza shops stand out; just look for the bright green wall and The Cow. They're hard to miss. Connected to Flash’s network of over 200 000 merchants, your spaza shop gives you access to digital products you wouldn't normally find.

You can get airtime, data, electricity, pay DStv or your monthly bills, and get your 1Voucher. You can even make money transfers to family and friends up north through Ria Sikhona. And that's not all - you can also claim SRD grants, get Netflix and other entertainment vouchers, and pay retail store bills. All of this, just around the corner.

Lots of Flash shops are important in their communities, they do everything that a big retail store does so that you can easily buy digital stuff, and more. At Flash, we're all about making people’s lives easier. What's better than getting what you need right at your doorstep?

Whether you're looking for the latest digital products or want to improve your spaza shop, Flash has something for you.