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Sell electricity, airtime, data. RICA starter packs, accept DStv payments and more.

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Bring customers to your shop by selling products using our smart technology.

“I am happy to use FLASH because it is making a huge difference to my life and the lives of my customers.  Selling airtime, electricity and accepting DStv payments on my FLASH device has helped me to bring more customers to my shop and has increased my business income. Thank you FLASH for the services you provide.”

Ali Hassan

“My wife and I were doing street vending with FLASH. We were able to save up and open our own Tuck Shop with the money that we made from selling FLASH products and activating starter packs. I can now provide my children with a stable future because of FLASH. I am proud to be a FLASH Trader and will continue to use FLASH.”

Siphelele Zulu

“Since becoming a FLASH Trader my life has changed for the better. Activating starter packs has helped me to increase my income and put food on the table. I am hopeful that my business will grow with FLASH so I can give back to the youth of my village and inspire them as FLASH has inspired me. Thank you FLASH.”

William Dolezar Ralefatane

At FLASH we create jobs, keep money in communities and create opportunities for our Traders to prosper. We are committed to adding value to the lives of our Traders in the informal retail market.

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Purchase FLASH Devices, Accessories and Starter Packs at the following stores:

Purchase FLASH Devices at:

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Top Up with FLASH Tokens at:

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